They Won’t Believe Me (Nebudou mi věřit)

They Won’t Believe Me
Program section: Retrospective: Joan Harrison
Directed by: Irving Pichel
Year: 1947
Country: USA
Length: 95 min.
Cast: Susan Hayward, Robert Young, Jane Greer, Rita Johnson, Tom Powers


  • 25. 8. 2023 | 21:00 - Kašpar Sternberg Courtyard – SOLD OUT

One of the most remarkable titles that producer Joan Harrison was involved with is undoubtedly the audience-engaging and brilliantly plotted dark drama They Won’t Believe Me, directed by Irving Pichel. The film relies heavily on its superbly written lead character – the through-and-through rotten Larry Ballentine, on trial for the murder of his co-worker and lover Verna (Susan Hayward), embodied by the excellent, Robert Young cast against type. In a series of flashbacks and with Larry’s commentary, we gradually learn what led to his arrest. The self-centered, greedy man got married for money, but his marriage to Greta (Rita Johnson) was too binding for him, so he began to look to his mistresses for pleasure… Although the protagonist’s actions are utterly reprehensible in every minute of the film, the female characters aren’t far behind in terms of viciousness.

Milan Hain


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