Český Šternberk Castle

Český Šternberk Castle is one of the oldest stone castles in Bohemia. It was established in 1241 and it maintains its medieval look until today, even though its appearance kept changing because of various demands for fortification and later for the comfort of residents. The interior of the castle reminds us more of the baroque style, but some parts still belong to the Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Beautiful historic furniture, majestic paintings and precious collections create a perfect atmosphere of an aristocratic residence, but the castle is also unique because of another thing – it is still owned by the Sternberg dynasty from the 13th century until now. JUDr. Filip Sternberg (born 1956) is the most recent owner. His significant ancestors are for example the co-founder of the National Museum Count Kašpar Maria Sternberg, a botanist and palaeontologist, and Count František Josef Sternberg-Manderschied, the initiator of the National Gallery.

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