Night Train (Pociag / Vlak)

Night Train
Program section: Polish Noir
Directed by: Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Year: 1959
Country: Poland
Length: 93 min.
Cast: Lucyna Winnicka, Leon Niemczyk, Teresa Szmigielówna, Zbigniew Cybulski, Helena Dąbrowska


  • 24. 8. 2024 | 11:30 - innogy Hall

The idea for the film was conceived on the basis of the director’s train journey. When it turned out that there were no seats left, the conductor put him in a compartment that seemed empty. At the last minute, the owner of the same seat showed up. This is exactly how Kawalerowicz’s film begins. Random people take a night train to the sea. Each of them carries with them a baggage of stories that remain a mystery to the other passengers. The rumble of the vehicle, the semi-darkness, the cramped, crowded compartments and the narrow corridors create an atmosphere of claustrophobic tension. Along with the passing landscape, the holiday train becomes a heterotopic space that provides a unique opportunity for observation and social interaction. It is a metaphor for a life journey that leads from somewhere to somewhere else. The carriage windows reflect shards of longing, fear, memories and dark secrets.

Iwona Łyko Plos

screening with dual subtitles (English and Czech)


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