The Markovič Method: Hojer (Metoda Markovič: Hojer)

The Markovič Method: Hojer
Program section: Special Screenings
Directed by: Pavel Soukup
Year: 2024
Country: Czech Republic
Length: 347 min.
Cast: Petr Lněnička, Petr Uhlík, Sarah Haváčová, Václav Neužil ml., Adam Mišík


  • 23. 8. 2024 | 17:30 - VOYO Hall
  • 24. 8. 2024 | 10:00 - VOYO Hall

The six-part miniseries entitled The Markovič Method: Hojer tells the story of the capture and conviction of one of the most terrifying serial killers of the normalization Czechoslovakia, Ladislav Hojer, by the legendary criminalist Jiří Markovič. Starring Petr Uhlík and Petr Lněnička, the series follows the process of the investigation and capture of Hojer and his specific relationship with the lead investigator, through which the killer’s other horrific acts are gradually revealed. According to director Pavel Soukup, the relationship between the protagonists is driven by a mutual and in many ways bizarre fascination, a relationship that eventually grows into something close to friendship. Each episode also includes another of Markovič’s closed cases. These, too, have meant much to his career as an elite investigator, and show how his method evolved into the very one he was so specific about. (VOYO)

Screening with English subtitles.


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