Pigs (Psy / Fízlové)

Program section: Polish Noir
Directed by: Władysław Pasikowski
Year: 1992
Country: Poland
Length: 104 min.
Cast: Bogusław Linda, Marek Kondrat, Cezary Pazura, Janusz Gajos, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz


  • 23. 8. 2024 | 17:45 - Cinema Sokol

Poland’s most famous film of the 1990s is considered by some critics to be iconoclastic and a mockery of all holiness. Its success was evidenced by the queues of spectators at the cinemas and the award at the Gdynia Film Festival. Filmed in the convention of American action movies, the film tells the story of Franz, a former State Security employee who joins the police force. The world we see here is devoid of all illusions. This cynicism-soaked reality mirrors the social mood that prevailed in Poland during the period of political transition. It is a cruel portrait of the emergence of capitalism, in which the whirlwind of freedom rips off the masks of historical drama. What seems most significant concerns the fact that “in the light of individualistic morality, a morality based on genuine freedom of choice, human attitudes are subject to a completely new verification, and the world in which the system protected us from individual responsibility has irrevocably ended.”

Iwona Łyko Plos

screening with dual subtitles (English and Czech)


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