Native Son (Syn černého lidu / Sangre Negra)

Native Son
Program section: Argentine Noir
Directed by: Pierre Chenal
Year: 1951
Country: Argentina / USA
Length: 108 min.
Cast: Richard Wright, Jean Wallace, Gloria Madison, Nicholas Joy, Ruth Roberts


  • 27. 8. 2023 | 13:30 - innogy Hall

In 1940, a novel by African-American writer Richard Wright, Native Son, was published in the USA. It reflected the complexities and tensions between the black and white communities in America through the story of a black young man in the slums of 1930s South Chicago. Given the sensitivity of the subject, which was taboo in American cinema at the time, the film adaptation of the book, which logically drew public attention, was eventually filmed in Argentina. It was made by Uruguayan producer Jaime Prades and French director Pierre Chenal. The screenplay of the film, whose story was transferred from Chicago to Buenos Aires, was written by Richard Wright himself. He also played the main character Bigger Thomas, who gets the opportunity to work as a chauffeur for a wealthy family. However, the promise of a better future is soon dashed by the unfortunate situation in which he finds himself, where his panicky fear and a series of rash decisions lead to tragedy.

Jana Bébarová


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