Giuseppe Boccassini guest at NFF 2023


Giuseppe Boccassini guest at NFF 2023

One of the guests of the Noir Film Festival 2023 will be Giuseppe Boccassini, German-based Italian filmmaker and program director of the renowned Berlin experimental film festival Fracto. His work is regularly featured in film festivals and exhibitions around the world – such as a subversively conceived montage film based on imaginative work with found footage called ragtag, which was screened in the Venice Classics section and and we’re presenting it in a Special Screening at this year’s Noir Film Festival.

Boccassini bases his work on the transformation and manipulation of various sources of archival material – in this case footage from a plethora of classic films noir, which he layers on top of each other in a rapid-fire editing process of multiple repetitions with ingenious soundtrack in loops, in the style of a master DJ, adding new meanings to the original ones and creating a unique, audiovisually intoxicating and unforgettable artifact. Look forward to it! 💥


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