Thank you for the 11th year


Thank you for the 11th year

Nine days ago, the excited voices of actors and actresses fell silent in the gothic castle kitchen, so let me thank all those who contributed more or less to the fact that we could enjoy the unique atmosphere of film noir in the exceptional surroundings of Český Šternberk Castle for four days.
A big thank you to the whole festival team who prepared the 11th edition for you in the not-so-favourable temperatures in most of the halls, and I would like to bow to all the patrons and guests who came to support us personally. On behalf of all of them I would like to name the premiere patron, which was the still young 88 year old Libuše Švormová 🙂 !
And last but not least, I want to thank all the big and small partners of the festival, the castle administration, the many donors this year and in fact everyone who bought a ticket for just one single film. I will humbly repeat myself, without all of you we could only dream of the Noir Film Festival… Thank you!
Vitek Grigartzik, executive director of the NFF


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