Storm Warning (Varování před bouřkou )

Storm Warning
Program section: Noir without Prejudice
Directed by: Stuart Heisler
Year: 1951
Country: USA
Length: 93 min.
Cast: Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan, Doris Day, Steve Cochran, Hugh Sanders


  • 21. 8. 2021 | 21:00 - Kašpar Sternberg Courtyard

In 1951, Hollywood musical and romantic comedy star, actress, dancer and singer Ginger Rogers and her eleven years younger colleague Doris Day appeared as sisters in the socially committed Warner Bros. Storm Warning, a brainchild of producer Jerry Wald, who wanted to make a film with a deeper socio-political message in the style of Dmytryk’s Crossfire. He thus set the story of the pair of women in a small town in the American South, plagued by xenophobia and pervasive fear, where the Ku-Klux-Klan rules with a heavy hand. A local prosecutor with the face of future US President Ronald Reagan fiercely fights back against a fanatical mob of old-timers like a lone cowboy. The thick atmosphere of hatred, manipulation and rape culture escalates into a frustrating climax that seems to take us back to the Middle Ages.

Jana Bébarová



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