The Night Guest

Noční host
CSK, 1961, 90 min.

Director: Otakar Vávra
Producer: Ladislav Terš (Film Studio Barrandov, Creative Group Šmída – Fikar)
Screenplay: Ludvík Aškenazy, Otakar Vávra
Director of Photography: Jaroslav Tuzar
Music: Jiří Srnka
Cast: Jiří Vala, Rudolf Hrušínský, Martin Růžek, Jana Hlaváčová, Vladimír Brabec

Director Otakar Vávra adapted Ludvík Ashkenazy’s first play for the screen shortly after its stage debut. To the trio of actors, who knew their roles well from the theater, Martin Růžek, Jana Hlaváčová and Jiří Vala, Rudolf Hrušínský was added to the film version in the role of the jovial German businessman, Walter Huppert. His arrival disrupts the routine of a remote inn. Shadows of the past suddenly appear, and finally everything escalates in the inevitable conflict. The tight space and the timeline between night and morning also create a gloomy atmosphere. Though the filmmakers largely adhered to the theatrical techniques and original script, including the division into three acts, they also significantly used cinematic language. Thanks to the widescreen format, they could utilize a multi-frame layout, evoking the agonizing feelings and memories of the innkeeper (Jiří Vala). (Veronika Zýková)

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