The Borstal

Czechoslovakia, 1969, 91 min.

Director: Hynek Bočan
Producer: Jiří Beránek (Filmové studio Barrandov, výrobní skupina: Šebor – Bor)
Screenplay: Karel Misař, Hynek Bočan
Director of Photography: Jiří Šámal
Music: Vladimír Klusák
Cast: Ivan Vyskočil, Jiří Krampol, Václav Sloup, Vilém Besser, Zdeněk Kryzánek

The work of jubilee Hynek Bočan who was 80 in April will be commemorated this year within the films of the Czech section. The director, one of the patrons of the festival, visited Křivoklát in 2015 and 2017 (he gave the introduction to Czechoslovak-British film Ninety Degrees in the Shade /1965/ last year on which he worked as an assistant for Jiří Weiss). He was a significant part of the Golden Sixties of the Czechoslovak cinema, making films such as Nobody Will Laugh (1965), a bitter comedy based on Milan Kundera’s novel, a film adaptation of Vladimír Páral’s novel Private Torment (1967) or two 1968 films that were banned by the Communist party, Honour and Glory, a historical drama from the Thirty Years’ War, and The Borstal, a film situated in Prague juvenile detention center that wasn’t released until after the Velvet revolution in 1989. In its raw and tough penitentiary atmosphere, The Borstal very well relates to prison noir films screened at the festival. (Jana Bébarová)

Saturday | Aug 25 | 4. 45 pm | Ida Lupino Hall
Sunday | Aug 26 | 1.30 pm | Nova Cinema TV Hall