Pickup on South Street

Zátah na Jižní ulici
USA, 1953, 80 min.

Director: Samuel Fuller
Producer: Jules Schermer (Twentieth Century-Fox)
Screenplay: Samuel Fuller, Dwight Taylor
Director of Photography: Joseph MacDonald
Music: Leigh Harline
Cast: Richard Widmark, Jean Peters, Thelma Ritter, Murvyn Vye, Richard Kiley, Willis Bouchey

Pickup on South Street is without a doubt one of the best of Samuel Fuller’s work. Bronze Lion, which was awarded to Fuller for the best direction at prestigious Venice Film Festival, can serve as proof. The story situated in New York City deals with pickpocket Skipper, who steals from a young girl in a subway without realizing that along with her purse he also stole a microfilm with a chemical formula that is also wanted by the Communist spies. The aggressive little thief Skip is one of Richard Widmark’s most prominent roles in which he portrays his typical crazy individual standing on the wrong side of the law. Noir fans are sure to remember actor’s distinctive face from Dassin’s Night and City (1950) screened on the NFF in 2015 and this year they will enjoy it at Křivoklát in three other films – besides Fuller’s masterpiece and Widmark’s bold debut entrée in Kiss of Death, his psychopathic laughter will be also heard in Road House. (Jana Bébarová)

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