V kleci
USA, 1950, 96 min.

Director: John Cromwell
Producer: Jerry Wald (Warner Bros.)
Screenplay: Virginia Kellogg
Director of Photography: Carl Guthrie
Music: Max Steiner
Cast: Eleanor Parker, Agnes Moorehead, Ellen Corby, Hope Emerson, Jan Sterling

Caged, one of the classic Hollywood’s most remarkable “female films”, describes in detail the harsh environment of the women’s prison and the merciless character transformation of the nineteen-year-old Marie Allen who is incarcerated for her participation in the armed robbery planned by her husband. The screenwriter Virginia Kellogg (also the author of the story of White Heat, which is screened in Psycho noir section) did a comprehensive research, including a stay in four American women’s penitentiaries. In three of them she was just watching the scene from safety, surrounded by wardens. In the fourth, she was allowed to sneak into the cell among the inmates and according to the information in period press she spent two weeks with them. She was deservedly nominated for an Oscar for her efforts. The two remaining nominees went to Eleanor Parker as Marie Allen and Hope Emerson as all-feared warden with sadistic tendencies. (Milan Hain)

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