About festival

The positive reaction to the noir film series at the era ART Klub in Prague inspired its organizers to hold the first noir genre themed film festival in the Czech Republic in 2013. Since their aim wasn’t to be just another in a series of urban festivals, they “escaped” from air-conditioned cinemas to the Kokořín Castle where, against a historic backdrop and in the surrounding areas, the 1st year of the festival was held from the 21st to 25th of August in 2013 under the title Noir Film Kokořín. From the beginning, the festival is aimed for a deep reflection of a film noir genre and also as an opportunity for meeting of the fans of film in general. Tributes to film noir icons – after whom the screening halls were named – became one of our traditions. The 2nd festival took place from the 21st to 24th of August in 2014 in the historic premises of the royal Křivoklát castle with screenings at the castle courtyard and three other places. Next years, screenings in a chamber television hall in the Huderka Tower and in the Royal Hall were added. This year it‘s the sixth time the festival takes place on a castle. Thus, Křivoklát Castle’s unique atmosphere will once again enhance the visual experience of the screened noir films, many of which will have their Czech premiere at the festival.