A Game without Rules

Hra bez pravidel4A Game without Rules
Hra bez pravidel
CSK, 1967, 89 min.

Director: Jindřich Polák
Producer: Rudolf Hájek (Filmové studio Barrandov)
Screenplay: Jindřich Polák, Václav Šašek
Director of Photography: Rudolf Milič
Music: Wiliam Bukový
Cast: Svatopluk Matyáš, Jiří Adamíra, Zdeněk Kryzánek, Karla Chadimová, Vladimír Menšík


A perennial star of detective films in 60s Czechoslovakia was director Petr Schulhoff and his heroes, Major Kalaš played by Rudolf Hrušínský and First Lieutenant Varga played by Radoslav Brzobohatý, forever on the trail of a mysterious murderer. In addition to a series of Schulhoff’s films, the brilliant A Game without Rules stands out, which on the contrary offers an image of a detective anti-hero as we know it from classic hard-boiled stories. A detective whom the police force has expelled from its ranks, because he once committed a mistake in an important case when he killed a key witness of a jewellery store robbery in self-defence. With the knowledge that the booty was never found, and that not everybody involved in the crime has faced justice, he searches by himself. The film, from the genre-inventive Jindřich Polák, entertains us with its thrilling plot and strong cast of actors, which is exclusively a male affair, as the women here merely perform the function of beautiful victims.

Jana Bébarová

SCREENING: Saturday, Aug 19, 4.45 pm, Elizabeth Scott