Best of the 1st Edition


Best of the 1st Edition

Throughout the history of the Noir Film Festival we have followed the rule that we do not repeat films from previous years in the program. However, with the 10th anniversary edition, we decided to make an exception and, as part of the round anniversary, to remind the program pearls from historically 1st Noir Film Festival, which took place in August 2013 at Kokořín Castle. Thus, you can look forward to Humphrey Bogart in the iconic role of Phil Marlowe in the adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel The Big Sleep (1946), the Oscar-winning Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce (1946), based on the literary novel by James M. Cain, or the insidious femme fatale Gene Tierney in the technicolor masterpiece Leave Her to Heaven (1945). The four films in the „Best of the 1st Edition“ section conclude with Kiss Me Deadly (1955), in which director Robert Aldrich turned the noir tradition of the previous fifteen years on its head.


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